Dual-Use Solar Solutions

Generating Clean Energy and Stakeholder Value

REDP is a boutique Massachussets based renewable energy project development firm specializing in dual-use solar solutions. We create value for property owners by preserving or enhancing the land use under a new solar installation. Dual-use solar allows for the continued economic use of a property while adding a new, stable revenue stream in the form a long term land lease - all of which requires no property owner investment.
Since 2010 REDP has been on the vanguard of innovative solar uses:
Parking Canopy
REDP develops a variety of project sizes:
500 to 7,000 kW per project
Between 3 and 30 acres covered per project

REDP Flagship Dual-Use Project: Agrovoltaics - Farming Under the Solar Array

REDP created 12 acres of new farmland out of an abandoned gravel pit and installed a 2,800 kW solar array above the new farmland. The solar array is designed to allow sufficient sunlight for farming and high enough to allow access for farm equipment under the array.
Picture of a tractor tilling soil underneath an array of solar panels
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Work With Us

REDP works with landowners to evaluate the feasibility of incorporating solar into their existing land uses and invests the time needed to design an optimal land use scenario consistent with each owner's vision for their property. Contact us if you have a property you would like to consider adding solar to.

Commercial Property Owners

REDP engages in the development of rooftop and parking lot canopy solar projects for commercial land owners. In addition to these revenues, commercial land owners benefit from attractive power purchase agreements.
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Agricultural Land Owners

REDP works extensively with agricultural land owners to optimize the use of their land through construction of agricultural canal canopies and agrovoltaics. REDP is an early adopter of dual-use solar agricultural technologies.
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We work with institutions and land owners to unlock a second use for their properties. REDP employs innovative land use strategies to maximize landowner value.